INTERACTION – The party game for family and friends!

 39,90 inkl. MWSt.

The interactive and totaly crazy party game.

  • More fun, thanks to tasks adapted to your age and interests.
  • A bigger challenge – you need all your senses and talents.
  • More fun to play, thanks to extra game content in the app.
  • Unpack & Play: no need to read the instructions!
  • Age: from 8 years, Players: 2-9+ (3 Teams), Playing Time: 45-60 minutes


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Family. Friends. Fun!

Boredom is a thing of the past. No matter if you’re a brainiac or an athlete, old or young, here all your senses and talents are put to the test. Only those who are best at each category – knowledge, creativity, action, social and games – can be the lucky winner at the end.

  • Unpack and start playing immediately – no boring instructions to read! The app guides you through the game, step by step.
  • The app adjusts the tasks based on age and interests. This means more excitement for you, your family and friends!
  • Countless games in five different categories provide more challenges for all your senses and talents!
  • Boredom is a thing of the past! Additional questions, tasks and games from app updates provide even more variety!

Included in the game:

  • 1 puzzle game board
  • 90 playing cards
  • 1 hacky sack
  • 1 interactive pen
  • 3 game figures
  • 3 gaming pieces
  • 1 dice
  • 1 quick start guide

Only one smartphone or tablet (not included) is required for play!

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