Nations in detail

The players in the LEADERS base game can choose between 6 nations. Five nations can also be purchased additional as extensions.

Each nation is characterized by a special ability. In order to be able to use this in the course of the game, a check mark must be set at the beginning of the game at the “Special Skills” option.

The special skills of the 6 nations included in the basic game in detail:

The player receives additional production points for each round. These are automatically added to the app after entering the normal production points.

Example: Entering the production points

The player enters 32 production points for this round.

Due to the special ability of Germany, he has 41 production points.

If the player is attacked, he can withdraw his units without losing any troops.

The units are returned to the Base Camp.

Example: Retreat of troops

Player 1 attacks player 2 (defender) with 5 units in “Mongolia”. Instead of fighting, player 2 pulls back his 3 units and loses the area.

Since Player 2 uses the special ability of France, he loses none of his units. You are returned to the Base Camp.

The player may always throw a white cube in a battle in or over sea areas and sea routes. The player may also exceed the maximum of 3 dice and use a fourth dice.

The player can position an additional unit from his base camp in each area.

Example: Stationing of units

The player wants to station units in “Brazil”. The upper limit is 3 units. Because of the special capacity of the United States, he may place an additional unit. Thus he stationed 4 troops in “Brazil”.

The espionage was successful and player 1 finds out the level of research of player 2.

The sabotage has been successful, three units of player 2 have been destroyed.

Player 1 hires two spies. He uses a spy to spy on player 2 to get his level of research. With the second spy, he sabotaged player 2 to destroy units.

Example: Espionage

The success rate of the player’s spies is significantly increased.

Although the Russian spies have a higher success rate, they are not infallible: A player 1 spy has been revealed by player 2. Thus, Player 2 also knows who spied on him.

The player receives an additional infantry unit at the beginning of each round. This is automatically added to the ordered units in the app.

Example: Infantry bonus

The player distributes his production points and orders 3 infantrymen.

At the beginning of the next round, the player receives 4 infantry units instead of the ordered 3 because of the special capacity of China.

Nations from the expansions in detail

For each lost aircraft, the player immediately rolls a white die. There is a maximum of one hit per match.

The success rate of the diplomats in a boycott is significantly increased.

The player can add up to 2 fallen infantry units from the Base Camp during a battle.

The player rolls a white die at the beginning of his attack. In a hit, the defender must remove a unit.

The player can prevent the fight in any of his areas in each round. However, the attacking units remain in this area.