South Africa – Soul of Africa (digital)

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Fight against oppression and lead South Africa to independence!

Attention: This is the digital version of the product!

The expansion “Soul of Africa” adds extra flair to LEADERS – the combined strategy game. In addition to the nation card for “South Africa”, you get extra content for the free LEADERS app. South Africa has its own special ability that you can use to your tactical advantage.

  • Fight for world domination as Nelson Mandela
  • Use your diplomatic skills to secure peace

10 years and up, for 2 – 6 players, duration: 120 – 180 min

Conquer the world with LEADERS Expansion
South Africa – Soul of Africa

LEADERS Erweiterung - Süd Afrika

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Or get all LEADERS expansions in set!
6 nations in bundle (digital)

LEADERS Expansion Nation Set

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Fight against oppression and lead South Africa to independence!
Use your diplomatic skill to win your enemies over to your dream of liberation. Peace movements all over the world are marching in the streets for a free, independent South Africa!
Leader: Nelson Mandela
Special skill: Peace Movement – Peace movements from around the world are behind you.

Included in the digital expansion:

  • Print&Play “South Africa” nation card
  • An activation code for additional app game content

Only one smartphone or tablet (not included) is required for play!