Nations Set (6 Digital Expansions)

 16,99 inkl. MWSt.

The all-in-one expansion pack for even more fun!

Attention: This is the digital version of the product!

The LEADERS Nation Set includes all 5 expansions:

  • Japan – Rising Sun
    Unleash the power of the rising sun and fill Japan with pride and honor!
  • Argentina – El Tango Diplomacia
    Take advantage of Argentina’s charm and manipulate the rulers of the world!
  • Cuba – Cigars up in smoke
    Ignite the fire of revolution in the Cuban guerrilla army!
  • Australia – Menace from Down Under
    Lead Australia to the top and secure a place in world history!
  • South Africa – Soul of Africa
    Fight against oppression and lead South Africa to independence!
  • GDR – Wind of Change
    Lead the GDR to the top as an independent state!

Age: from 10 years, Players: 2-6, Playing Time: 120 – 180 minutes

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More nations, more choices, more options.

Japan – Rising Sun
Act like a devastating typhoon and sweep away our enemies! The lethal kamikaze pilots spread fear and terror wherever they appear. They are willing to give their lives to decide the war in our favor.
Leader: Tennō Hirohito
Special skill: Kamikaze Pilots – Your fearless pilots are willing to give their all – even their own lives!

Argentina – El Tango Diplomacia
Dance the “tango diplomacia” and employ the whole allure of Argentina to win over powerful allies to your cause. Isolate your enemies on the diplomatic scene and impose painful trade boycotts on them.
Leader: Eva Perón (Evita)
Special skill: Diplomatic skills – Pull the strings on the diplomatic scene and make the others dance to your tune.

Cuba – Cigars up in smoke
Your hard-hitting guerrilla tactics are an unexpected thorn in the side of your enemies. Prove yourself in the Cuban Missile Crisis, stand firm against apparently superior opponents and lead Cuba to victory!
Leader: Fidel Castro
Special skill: Guerilla tactics – Paramilitary units strike fear in the heart of even the most superior enemy.

Australia – Menace from Down Under
It‘s time to step out from behind your old allies. The firepower and accuracy of your artillery strike terror in the hearts of your enemies – long before they encounter you on the battlefield!
Leader: Robert Menzies
Special skill: Artillery fire – The firepower of the artillery inflicts a painful opening blow.

South Africa – Soul of Africa
Use your diplomatic skill to win your enemies over to your dream of liberation. Peace movements all over the world are marching in the streets for a free, independent South Africa!
Leader: Nelson Mandela
Special skill: Peace Movement – Peace movements from around the world are behind you.

The “LEADERS – the combined strategy game” is required for play.


Included in each expansion:

  • 5 Print&Play nation cards
  • An activation code for additional app game content

Only one smartphone or tablet (not included) is required for play!

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