Experience the unique combination of board game and app

No sooner is the Second World War over than more dark clouds gather on the horizon. Diplomats woo potent allies, secret agents sniff around for classified information, scientists conduct research into powerful technologies and the generals are at work on major invasion plans. Are you ready to assert yourself in the struggle for world Domination?

  • Choose to play as one of six nations
  • Different game scenarios and possible paths to victory
  • Engage in clandestine interaction with other players
  • Procure classified information and sabotage your enemies
  • Forge powerful alliances with other players
  • Complete set of over 300 plastic figures and miniatures

Engage in clandestine interaction with other players

Sabotage your opponents.

Use your spies to launch devious secret attacks on other players. This can substantially weaken your enemies, as well as nipping any attacks they may be planning firmly in the bud. But be careful! If you’re caught in the act you can expect retaliation to be targeted and painful.

Spy on your opponents behind the scenes.

Use your spies to take a clandestine peek at other players’ secret research plans and information. Then use the newly acquired intelligence to adjust your strategy and bring apparently superior opponents to their knees – after all, it’s a well-known fact that knowledge is power!

Forge secret alliances.

With the help of your diplomats you can forge powerful alliances and conclude secret peace treaties. You sometimes have to turn your enemies into allies if you want to achieve victory. Use your strategic advantage to launch a painful surprise attack on other players!

High-quality game materials and detailed illustrations

Playable nations

  • LEADERS – Nationen, USA

  • LEADERS – Nationen, Deutschland

  • LEADERS – Nationen, Sowjetunion

  • LEADERS – Nationen, Vereinigtes Königreich

  • LEADERS – Nationen, Frankreich

  • LEADERS – Nationen, China

Full set of game pieces and accessories

  • 1 extra-large game board (world map)
  • over 300 plastic miniatures
  • 6 Nation cards
  • 6 base camps
  • 18 dices
  • 15 scenario markers
  • 30 wooden marker
  • 1 quick start guide

Run your nation from your virtual headquarters


Historical events influence the course of the game and bring extra dynamics into play.


Complete important missions to earn valuable decorations.


Use your secret agents to procure classified information and sabotage your opponents!


Appoint influential diplomats, forge alliances in secret, and make your enemies ally!


Research ground-breaking technologies and develop novel strategies to give yourself the decisive edge!


Arm your nation for the worst case, conquer foreign states and lead your armed forces to victory!