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The intergalactic card game!

In a distant galaxy, a cosmic catastrophe takes place: the sun will soon become an all-consuming super nova. Who can evacuate the most planets, secure the survival of their faction and escape cosmic catastrophe at the last minute?

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Special random events in the app! 

The eclipses, pole shifts and solar storms call for swift action and provide additional action in the game. Those who are careful and react quickly have the chance to catch a satellite and get additional cards.

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Different factions with special abilities!

Play the role of the Mechs, Broods, Cyborgs or Syrians. Each faction has a special ability and its own strengths and weaknesses. Different star cards and different game modes ensure long-lasting fun and never-ending variety.

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Additional game content thanks to app updates!

Regular and free updates make LOST GALAXY better and better. In addition to small improvements, the updates bring new game versions, star cards, random events and much more. There is always something new to discover.

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Unpack and start playing immediatley!

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Open the game box, download the app and start playing! 

No need to read long instructions for LOST GALAXY – the app introduces you to the game step by step. If you still need help, you can find helpful tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

We answer your questions!

Our free WhatsApp Support will gladly help you with any questions and problems related to LOST GALAXY. We are also available in the evening and on weekends. This way, nothing can stop you from having a fun game night with family and friends.

The base game and only one smart device (not included) is required for play. You will need a free “Rudy Games” account as well. While playing internet connection is not mandatory but some features and app updates you need to be online.
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The free LOST GALAXY game-app is available for:

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Das Logikspiel für Groß und Klein

Taucht ein in eine bunte Unterwasserwelt und begleitet Scubi das Seepferdchen durch das zauberhafte Korallenriff. Beschützt Scubi und seine Freunde vor den Gefahren des tiefen Meeres, denn Vorsicht ist geboten, wenn der große weiße Hai seine Runden dreht. Worauf wartet ihr noch? Auf die Plätze, fertig, abtauchen!

Spiele-Box öffnen, App herunterladen und sofort losspielen!

Bei SCUBI braucht man keine lange Spielanleitung lesen, denn die App führt Schritt für Schritt in das Spiel ein. Ist trotzdem einmal etwas unklar findet man in unserem YouTube Kanal hilfreiche Tutorial-Videos.

Wir beantworten alle Fragen!

Unser kostenloser WhatsApp Support hilft bei Fragen und Problemen rund um SCUBI gerne weiter. Wir sind auch am Abend und an Wochenenden gut erreichbar. Einem lustigen Spieleabend mit der Familie und Freunden steht somit nichts mehr im Wege.

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