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IA Spielmaterial

INTERACTION – The party game for family and friends!

 39,90 inkl. MWSt.

The interactive and totaly crazy party game.

  • More fun, thanks to tasks adapted to your age and interests.
  • A bigger challenge – you need all your senses and talents.
  • More fun to play, thanks to extra game content in the app.
  • Unpack & Play: no need to read the instructions!
  • Age: from 8 years, Players: 2-9+ (3 Teams), Playing Time: 45-60 minutes


LE Spielmaterial

LEADERS – the combined strategy game

 49,90 inkl. MWSt.

Are you ready to fight for world domination?

Experience the unique combination of board game and app!

  • CHALLENGE: Are you ready for a completely new challenge and unique gaming experience? Try the hit strategy game with app!
  • TACTICS: CONQUER foreign lands, RESEARCH new technologies, FORM mighty alliances and COMPLETE top secret missions!
  • VARIETY: Regular app updates (Android and Apple iOS) for tablet and smartphone guarantee even more fun and excitement
  • UNPACK & PLAY: Unpack and start playing immediately no need to read the instructions! Customer service and 24/7 WhatsApp support included
  • More dynamic, thanks to hidden actions with other players.
  • More tactical depth, thanks to different game scenarios and ways to win.
  • More variety through additional game content via app updates.
  • Unpack & Play: no need to read the instructions!
  • Age: from 13 years, Players: 2-6, Playing Time: 120 – 180 minutes

SCUBI SEA SAGA – The logic game for all ages

 24,90 inkl. MWSt.

The logic game for all ages.

Immerse yourself in the colorful underwater world of Scubi the Seahorse. Accompany Scubi through the magical coral reef and rescue his friends from the dangers of the deep sea. Collect valuable points before the Great White Shark goes hunting. What are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, dive!

  • More fun – Unpack and start playing immediately! The app provides help when you need it
  • More dynamic – Additional features in the app provide more tactical options
  • More action – The app guides the gameplay and provideseven more action while playing
  • More variety – App updates provide new features and additional game versions
  • Age: from 8 years, Players: 2-5, Playing Time: 25-30 minutes


LEADERS Basisspiel mit allen Erweiterungen

LEADERS – Complete Set (Basic Game + 6 Expansions)

 89,90 inkl. MWSt.

The ultimate set for true strategists!

The LEADERS Complete Set contains the basic game and all 5 expansions:

  • Japan – Rising Sun
    Unleash the power of the rising sun and fill Japan with pride and honor!
  • Argentina – El Tango Diplomacia
    Take advantage of Argentina’s charm and manipulate the rulers of the world!
  • Cuba – Cigars up in smoke
    Ignite the fire of revolution in the Cuban guerrilla army!
  • Australia – Menace from Down Under
    Lead Australia to the top and secure a place in world history!
  • South Africa – Soul of Africa
    Fight against oppression and lead South Africa to independence!
  • GDR – Wind of Change
    Lead the GDR to the top as an independent state!

Age: from 10 years, Players: 2-6, Playing Time: 120 – 180 minutes