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Leaders Erweiterung Modern Leaders Pack

Modern Leaders Pack (Digital Expansion)

 9,99 inkl. MWSt.

Rise to the conflicts of the modern-day and fight for a new world order!

Attention: This product is an digital version!

The Modern Leaders Pack catapults you and your friends into a new era. The pack contains 6 new leaders with all-new special abilities for the nations of the base game. Are you ready to fight for world domination in a new age of war?

Attention: Modern Leaders Pack cannot be combined with Leaders Nations-Set!

LEADERS Expansion Nation Set

Nations Set (6 Digital Expansions)

 16,99 inkl. MWSt.

The all-in-one expansion pack for even more fun!

Attention: This is the digital version of the product!

The LEADERS Nation Set includes all 5 expansions:

  • Japan – Rising Sun
    Unleash the power of the rising sun and fill Japan with pride and honor!
  • Argentina – El Tango Diplomacia
    Take advantage of Argentina’s charm and manipulate the rulers of the world!
  • Cuba – Cigars up in smoke
    Ignite the fire of revolution in the Cuban guerrilla army!
  • Australia – Menace from Down Under
    Lead Australia to the top and secure a place in world history!
  • South Africa – Soul of Africa
    Fight against oppression and lead South Africa to independence!
  • GDR – Wind of Change
    Lead the GDR to the top as an independent state!

Age: from 10 years, Players: 2-6, Playing Time: 120 – 180 minutes