Enter production points

The smart device (tablet) is used for this phase. The player enters the production points total for all his/her occupied areas (i.e. the total of all production points for all areas he/she occupies, including any continent bonuses) into the smart device (tablet) so that this is clearly visible for all players. The current production point total for every player is shown by the position of his/her wooden marker on the indicator at the bottom of the game board.

Note: Research and nation-related special skills bonuses are automatically calculated and added to the total by the smart device (tablet).

Example: Step 1

The active player occupies the following areas:

Andean Countries
Southern Cone

4 production points
3 production points
3 production points
3 production points

Continent bonus*

13 production points
+3 production points

Sum total

16 production points

* As the active player occupies all areas in “South America”, he/she receives the continent bonus for “South America”, which is 3 production points.

Example: Step 2

The active player enters the sum total of the production points for all his/her areas including any continent bonus (see example above: 16 production points for occupying all areas in “South America”) into the smart device (tablet) and then taps on the “Continue” symbol at bottom right.

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