4. Scenario and settings

In “LEADERS a combined game” different game scenarios can be selected.

Select the game scenario

Simply tap the arrows on the left and right edges of the screen to scroll through the various scenarios. Once the players have selected the scenario, one taps on “SELECT” to proceed to the next stage and enter the “Player information”.

Although the basic rules are the same for each scenario, there are the following differences:

Each player needs to select the nation that he/she wants to represent in the game. Depending on the selected scenario, the players’ selection options may be restricted:

  • Freely selectable
    Players can freely select from all available nations.
  • By power bloc
    In a power bloc scenario, the available nations will be determined by the selected power blocs (capitalist – neutral – communist).
    2 players: 1 – 0 – 1
    3 players: 1 – 1 – 1
    4 players: 1 – 2 – 1
    5 players: 2 – 1 – 2
    6 players: 2 – 2 – 2
  • Pre-defined
    In this case, the available nations will be pre-defined on the basis of the number of players.

    Note: There is currently no scenario with fixed nations available.

See “Nations in Detail” for more information.

There are three different ways in which the starting areas of players are determined:

  • Freely selectable

    The starting area can be freely selected by each player. He/she must next place an infantry unit in a directly adjacent area. This is repeated until all areas are filled on the game board.

  • Home Area
    Each player starts by occupying the home area of his/her nation. He/she must next place an infantry unit in a directly adjacent area. This is repeated until all areas are filled on the game board.

    Note: At the moment, there is no “Home Area” scenario available.

  • Pre-defined
    The areas to be occupied are defined by the app when the game is started.

See “Occupy starting areas” for more information.

As soon as a player fulfills the conditions for victory specified in the scenario, he/she has won the game. There are three possible paths to victory:

  • Military
    A player wins if, at the start of his/her turn, he/she is able to enter the number (or more) of the production points specified by the scenario.
  • Research
    A player wins when he/she has successfully reached the highest level of all their Research strands.
  • Missions

    A player has obtained the honorary badge prescribed by the scenario by completing missions.

See “And the winner is…” for more information.

Scenario settings:

After a scenario has been selected, additional settings can be customized.

Additional settings

Subsequently, additional settings can be made depending on the selected scenario. After all settings have been made, a player will tap the “CONTINUE” button.

Here, the time that a player has available per round in phase 5 “Headquarters” can be limited. If the time has elapsed, the selection made at the headquarters is automatically accepted.

Note: The activation of the timer function is only recommended for advanced players.

Tip: For experienced players, we recommend to limit the time at headquarters to 30-40 seconds.

The special skills of the nations can be activated or deactivated.

Note: This setting applies to all nations in the game. The app-supported bonuses are automatically activated or deactivated by the LEADERS app, such as the bonus points of Germany. Those bonuses that affect the fight, such as the exceeding of the US military limit, must be considered by the players themselves.

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