4. Headquarters

In the headquarters, the active player can spend his / her production points in the various areas:

  • Military

    Recruit new infantry, tank and air force units!

  • Research

    Explore different areas to get extra bonuses!

  • Diplomacy

    Appoint diplomats to initiate alliances with your fellow players or initiate trade boycott!

  • Espionage and sabotage

    Hire spies to spy or sabotage your enemies!

  • Missions

    Complete secret missions to get valuable honorary badges!

After all settings have been made, the active player presses the “Continue” icon in the lower right corner.

Caution: When the “Timer” function is activated, the available time at the HQ is restricted. After the time has elapsed, the settings made up to then are automatically accepted.

The production costs of the units, research etc. are dependent on the number of players!

Note: Unplaced production points are automatically saved and are available again in the next round of the game.

  • In the upper part of the app, the menu or submenu is displayed.

  • In the middle area are the selectable objects such as units, research, fellow players and missions. In the blue gear, the respective production costs and in the red circle the required production time (= rounds) is displayed.

  • In the lower part, the player sees in the middle the available resources (production points, diplomats and spies).

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