4.a Military (headquarters)

The active player can recruit new troops to his/her forces. The costs of production and time required for production of the various units differ. The dice used for them differ too – in other words, they have different chances of scoring a hit. The same rules otherwise apply to all units. The player can select from the following types of unit:

The least expensive but also the weakest of the units. In battle, a white die with a hit symbol on only three sides is used for this unit.

An armored tank unit costs a little more than an infantry unit. However, used for a tank unit is a gray die with a hit symbol on four sides.

Aircraft units are the most expensive in the LEADERS game. For use in battle, this unit has a black die with a hit symbol on four sides, but one of these is a double hit symbol.

Note: In the fight, it is advisable to combine the more costly infantry units with the more powerful armor or aircraft units. In the case of losses, the more favorable units can be removed first, and the stronger but more expensive units are retained.


By tapping on the plus and minus symbols, the active player can increase or reduce the number of units to be produced. Depending on the time required to produce the units, the player will receive his/her units in one of the next game rounds. When the public event “fresh troops” is displayed, the player will see how many own units have been produced.

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