5. Player information and nations

In turn, the players now complete the following steps:

1. Player information

Each player enters his/her player name and selects his/her chosen color. In some scenarios players must also select one of the three power blocs (capitalist – neutral – communist). When all information has been entered, the “CONTINUE” button appears. Tap this to proceed to “Select nation”.

2. Select nation

Tap the arrows on the left and right edges of the screen to scroll through the different nations and select one. When each player has found his/her chosen nation, tap on “SELECT” to proceed to the next stage Playing pieces.

The available nations differ from one another in three aspects:

Each nation has a special skill. This is specified on the reverse of the respective nation card and the corresponding information can also be found in “Nations in detail“.

Each nation has its own home area. This is only relevant in scenarios where the starting area is the home area. For more information, please see “Occupy starting areas“.

Note: At the moment, there is no “Home Area” scenario available.


Each nation belongs to one of the three power blocs (capitalist – neutral- communist). The power blocs are relevant in some scenarios.

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