4.e Missions (headquarters)

Here, the active player can accept secret missions in three categories (military, strategic and special) and earn valuable honors by completing these missions.

Note: The active player must activate the mission he wants to accomplish by tapping on the plus icon.

Note: Multiple missions can not be activated at the same time.

The active player has to sabotage successfully any other player within 3 rounds.

Caution: Successful attempts at sabotage will not be considered until the next round!

The active player has to recruit a total of 30 units or more within 4 games. Each infantry, tank, or aircraft unit is counted as one unit.

In the next 5 rounds, the points earned by the active player must not drop.

Note: Only the sum of the production points of the areas is evaluated. It is therefore irrelevant whether he loses a single area if he conquers at least an equivalent area in the same round.

The active player has to  spy successfully on any other player within 3 game rounds.

Attention: Successful espionage attempts will only be considered from the next round!

The active player has to increase his point of production income by 5 points within 15 minutes by conquering foreign territories or research.

If the active player saves 100 production points or more at headquarters at the end of his turn, this mission is fulfilled. After activation, the player has 99 rounds to complete this mission.

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