1. Withdraw units

The smart device (tablet) is not used for this phase. The active player removes any excess units from the game board and returns them to his/her base camp. Only one unit may remain in each of his/her occupied areas. The player decides which unit (infantry, tank or aircraft) remains in each area.

Note: No units may be withdrawn from sea areas (white circle with anchor symbol).

Afterwards, the active player draws all units (if available) from the drop zone into the base camp on his / her player’s board.

Step by step


At the start of his/her turn, the active player has three units (two tank units and one infantry unit) in “Central Africa”. He/she now selects two of these three units (the two tank units in this case) and returns them to base camp. This means that just one unit (here the infantry unit) remains in “Central Africa” and occupies this area.


The active player also has two units in “Horn of Africa” (one tank and one aircraft unit). He/she selects one of these units (in this case the aircraft unit) and returns it to base camp. One unit (the tank unit) now remains in “Horn of Africa” and occupies this area.

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