Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The “Quick Game” is a scenario in which the start areas – ie. which areas a player receives at the beginning – and the victory conditions are simplified. This significantly reduces the playing time compared to the regular game.

The app has a so-called auto-save function and automatically saves every round of play. After starting the app, you can choose between a “New Game” or a “Saved Game”.

Attention: The position of the units on the board is not saved. It’s best to take pictures of it if you want to take a longer break.

Yes. In Multi Device Mode, every player can play with their own smartphone or tablet. Each player must install the app on their device and create a Rudy Games account. The product activation required by the app can be skipped in this case.

If there is no Internet connection when starting the app, the app offers you the possibility to play offline. You can play offline for up to 30 days.

To benefit from improvements and current questions and tasks, we recommend that you always bring the app up to date before playing. You can easily update the app via the respective app store.

In a digital nation expansion, you will receive a Print & Play card of the respective LEADER with the appropriate special ability. In addition, the nations will be unlocked on your account and will then be available in the app. Each nation is individually illustrated and has its own flair.

An overview of all nations extensions can be found here:

Yes. We offer new nations to LEADERS at irregular intervals. Often we involve our community in the development of a new nation.

Yes. We offer new scenario to LEADERS at irregular intervals.

No. You have to complete a phase in which you place all the units you want to use in your areas. And you have to complete a phase in which you carry out all the movements. Then the defender is allowed to place his units in the areas you are attacking, and you will be able to complete all the battles. After the battles, you must not place or move any units.

More information about fighting can be found here (english subtitles available)

You can turn on a timer in any game scenario (press the gear icon in the screen scenario) to limit the time a player can spend at headquarters. We recommend 40 to 60 seconds.

In addition, we recommend that players focus on one of the three victory controls. If all players play for the military victory, a stalemate arises. Here it is advisable to change in time to one of the other two victory operations (research or missions).

You may use units of a player color that is still available. If this is not possible, we recommend writing down the additional units on a piece of paper.

In a combat round, the attacker and the defender throw the dice once. So a combat consists of several combat rounds and a combat phase consists of several combats.

You can find a tutorial about the combat rules here (english subtitles available):

More information about the combat phases with Major Play can be found here:

The area remains unoccupied for the time being. This means that the defender loses the corresponding production points, but the attacker does not obtain them.

If a player moves units from an adjacent area into the free area during his movement phase, he receives them without a fight and pushes his production point marker forward accordingly.

The units remain in place until the beginning of the player’s next turn (withdraw units). The troop limit only applies when placing units, not when moving or fighting.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any questions left please contact our support. The game box comes with a support card. No fear! We are also easily accessible in the evening and on the weekend.